has special place in literary and cultural



Apart from being recognized for its popularity there are other very extraordinary qualities that make crow an inspiration for us humans to look up to. Scientifically known as ‘Corvus’ this species has special place in literary and cultural domains. Plenty of parables can be seen everywhere heralding the same.

Following are few:


Once upon a time during a monsoon, an eagle was hovering over a field. 
It suddenly stumbled and fell into the mud. 
The eagle couldn’t fly because of the mud stuck onto its wings.
A crow passing by helped the bird by asking it to take a dip into a pond.
Corvus is lovely and compassionate!


A thirsty crow flying around and about a house spots a pot with little water.
Its beak couldn’t reach down enough to drink from the pot. 
Being the wise bird it is, the crow puts pebbles in to the pot so that the water level rises. 
The wise crow quenched its thirst and flew away content.
Corvus is quite intelligent!


A crow was severely injured and lying on the ground helpless. 
Another crow passing by noticed this and what happened next is heartwarming. 
The crow cawed in a strange way and a murder of crows flew in as if they just came from heaven. 
The gang took their injured friend to the side and attended to it like doctors and nurses in black. 
Corvus is highly adaptable!


A prince was madly in love with a princess from a far away land.
They could barely share words as traveling all the way was not an option every time. 
He needed a social and intelligent bird to carry messages to his beloved.
His quest ended up with a raven as the advisers hailed it as “the most intelligent, omnipresent and cognizant bird with exceptional geographic awareness”
Corvus is everywhere!

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