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Startup Land is an ideation, incubation and creation hub designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators and startups. We work across a wide range of industries and provide amenities to help them overcome the initial hurdles of starting up. Our framework has four main components namely resource center, coworking axis, connecting zone and incubation bay. Students and entrepreneurs can walk-in to the resource centre with an idea and walk out with all their queries solved. Through the coworking axis and connecting zone, we help them build a collaborative network along with helping them launch products and hold events. Through these modules we help startups develop a vision by providing an external outlook. We provide a platform for development through strategic planning and expertise.

Our Global Workforce


Resident Director- KSA

Chief- Saudia

CA- Mena Region

Head- Marketing & Resource


Chief- Turkey

Chief- New Zealand

Chartered Accountant



FMCG/Cosmetics Specialist

Insurance Specialist

Key Accounts- Creative

Head- Media Planning

Social Media Cordinator

Anchor & Presenter

Head accounts

Creative Coordinator

Technical Support

Team members




As a business information center (BIC) we offer information, on-site counselling and workshops among other resources that address the needs of start-ups. These include market research and databases, business licenses and the technological aspect of starting up. These services are provided in a turn around time of 72 hours and at pocket friendly prices.



We arrange corporate events and exhibitions for start-ups which provide great networking opportunities and can be used to launch a new product, do product photo shoots, press meets, customer and vendor meetups. The array includes main corporate events like conferences, seminars, team building events, business dinner, press conferences, networking events and award ceremonies.



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We highly focus on developing startup and early-stage companies and provide services which help them get through initial hurdles in starting up. These include space, funding, legal, accounting, computer services and other prerequisites. The startups that are selected to be a part of the incubation bay also enjoy the benefits of startup land’s acceleration program lead by a team of experts.

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