Corvus As A Service

Corvus emerges as an organic idea turned to a platform aiding transformation of knowledge dissemination in the new age. We are keen to create a perfect space that can effectively signify and address the existing inefficiencies in the field of learning and skill development while also suggesting a creative and pragmatic solution for a better and equal future. This has to begin with setting up an inclusive and constructive platform for all the members of real-world learning mechanism and allow them to showcase their remarkable contributions.

As a learning platform, we accommodate a herd of stakeholders of various scale ranging from learners, teachers and parents to massively incorporated ecosystems like IoT, skill sharing, Fitness and wellness and counting, which orbits its mechanism.


Corvus methodically links them together to form a global network that redefines the ways of acquiring education and learning process. We introduce a novel approach that utilizes its potentials and incorporates the needs of all the parties in the ecosystem, equipping them to smartly embrace the new world with a better, augmented humanity. Employing the possibilities of online interactive technologies and diverse resources from across the globe, we provide learners maximum autonomy in availing of services as per their requirements and convenience. Our regional offline offices will supplement the global online network to enhance the accessibility of services. The ecosystem thus wires online and offline of the entire globe in one platform and thus creating a perfect balance between the digital and physical world.

Corvus Learning Solutions

The whole scenario of learning has transformed in a nick of time with innovations popping up on daily basis. Corvus addresses this evolution with a more inclusive approach employing a diverse pool of resources, most of them unprecedented with their impelling plan of action and exponential relevance. A universal model effectively ensuring autonomy for the learner striking every vertex throughout the process.

Online Tuition

Corvus here takes on with the already accustomed online teaching-learning prospects into a palette with new colors of inclusive and autonomous learning. Provided with an avid squad of the best and hugely talented tutors, congregated disregarding ethnicity, gender, physical attributes, or any arbitrary factor. In other words, any of the learners will find a gigantic pool of tutors across the globe of their preferences and likes assembled to choose from a staggeringly dynamic educational ecosystem.

•    K-12 (For different curricula; multiple syllabi) Hosting an assortment of curricula From Kindergarten to Secondary education availing the best syllabuses for each. For instance, Rahul from India can start receiving the best tuition classes from his kindergarten all the way to twelfth standard public examinations that will help him stay the best in class.

•    Higher Education Now, Ava from Melbourne has the opportunity to choose the best tutors to assist her college education or complete a secondary course at the same time. Her passion does not have to part ways with formal education, she can get art classes along with the assistance for her medical degree.

•    Spiritual Studies (Diverse ethnic, cultural and religious orientation) A rarest of the rare segment to find in virtual classrooms even in the changing times. If Hammad wishes to receive expert lectures on Quran or John is interested in Gospels, Corvus provide specially adapted courses that are accessible from anywhere in the world.

•    Supplementary Tuition for Skill Development Recruiters always look for the most skilled candidate they can get hold of. Well, on Corvus, Chen from China can take software programming classes from the best instructors without dedicating extra time after completing his ongoing course.

•    Tutoring in Native Languages Olivia, who lives in Johannesburg can have her favorite subjects tutored by efficient teachers in Afrikaans or Nguni languages. Corvus insinuates this idea through finesse grouping of widest as possible native languages as the medium of teaching.

Online Training

A window to achievable skills that can give an extra edge to any profession or prospective upgradation in career turned to be a necessity rather than an option today.

•    Hard skill 
Placing into a context, Maisie from the UK, like in other places, can learn new technical skills like using computer programs, writing etc. through Corvus entirely according to her interest, time and preferences. 

•    Soft skill
Unlike hard skills, soft skills specifically deal with the psyche and cognitive imperatives. For instance, Alonso, a technically skilled adult from Sevilla, Spain can take online trainings to improve his listening and communication, teamwork etc., transforming him into a professional employee.


It’s mundane to the human psyche at times that anyone can feel confused, numb, disoriented, depressed or damaged due to umpteen reasons. Corvus identifies this challenge as a call for help, a pat to reroute the expeditions with revitalized focus.

•    Career Counselling
It is important to be properly guided to fulfil the best possible career especially if we are surrounded by young and competent people. For instance, Jose who lives in Rio de Janeiro can receive top-level advises related to his career or future according to his marks and aptitude. 

•    Psychological Counselling
Psychological attention is an undeniable factor for an effective learning process. For instance, if Herman in Germany resides in a hostile neighbourhood, should get special attention from his teachers to stay focused and succeed in his career 

•    Fitness & Wellness Counselling
Sean can really find his way through the obesity, something very normal in the US, as healthy food habits and consistent fitness drills are given sufficient importance in our version of learning process.


The process of equipping someone for an endeavour with relentless monitoring, close counselling, and progressive guiding. This is what one can always look up to at Corvus when it comes to coaching. A long-term commitment to uplift talents with experience and expertise undertook by the best-in-class coaches across borders and cultures. 

•    Career Coaching
Bella from Marseilles, France can get hold of a real-time instructor with experience in galore can elevate the trajectory of her career to incredible heights.

•    Skill Coaching
Imagine Adam from Malaysia really wants to learn a new skill. Our skill coaches will locate the passion inside him and kindle them accordingly with the help of best coaches. 


It comes as an upgrade of coaching, where one will be more closely watched always under a pioneering expert who completely involves in ideation to decision making. A long process is committed to carry out the disciple’s passion to the peak with robust models and methods.

•    Short-Term
Arturo from Chile can avail a few sessions with his preferred mentor a for an intensive stretch of enterprising looking for mentoring.

•    Long-Term
Ivan who lives in Moscow, can sign up for an ideal long term mentoring stint, where a much warmer and extending bond can be assured between mentor and adherent creating a more cemented outcome.  

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