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Right from its inception, Corvus has been framed around great humanitarian ideals and was always keen to address certain crucial social issues. We strive to create an environment equal for all, especially for the often-under-represented sections of society, by subverting the existing stereotypes and reiterating the importance of skill over social norms. UN and other eminent organisations have pointed out factors like inadequate infrastructure, cultural norms, and practices, economic inequality, etc as major barriers to present equal opportunities for learning on a global basis. Corvus represents people from all backgrounds and supports the less fortunate. 

“The Sacred Seven”

Pursuing knowledge is considered to be a noble affair in most of the traditional cultures. The wise ones are usually portrayed as learned and compassionate in didactic stories. Corvus respects the sacredness of being both informed and helpful.
The moral framework of Corvus favours the unprivileged and marginalized individuals by ensuring they get fair chances to represent themselves. Corvus shares this paradigm of “sacredness” as we accomplish these seven objectives.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
•    Creating the largest sharing economy via micro-entrepreneurship 
As a virtual marketplace of services and products, Corvus onboards numerous small-scale business;  opening them into the largest possible self-reliant glocal platform with enormous micro-entrepreneurship opportunities.

•    Creating the largest employment opportunities for retired hands
As the average life expectancy is on the rise and highly skilled senior citizens enter into retirement with too much left in them, Corvus offer a platform for retired hands to educate new learners through mentoring, coaching, and storytelling and thus pass it on to younger generations

•    Creating the largest employment opportunities for women
Women are multi-talented and opportunities make them fly high. We address the crisis of highly skilled and learned women not being able to pursue their dreams due to unfortunate reasons. Passionate women can join us in this journey by boarding their talents, which effectively makes us the largest employment provider for women online. 

•    Creating the largest employment opportunities for differently-abled
Despite the global awareness projects and honest efforts to include differently-abled people into the educational process, the current system has a long way to go. Corvus being an education platform, the ‘intellect’ is the central factor defining the efficiency of the people joining us. Teaching being a brainy work, we believe that this will be an excellent opportunity for the differently-abled to engage and create an impact. With the optimal management of technology, Corvus becomes the largest employment provider for the differently-abled persons across the globe. 

•    Creating the largest employment opportunities for transgenders
With several nations and cultures in the world still left in the dark on accommodating transgenders, Corvus is the first of its kind to open up to transgenders on such a massive scale making us the largest employment providers for transgenders. Through regress systematic training and skilling process of transgender community, Corvus is committed to generate dignified employment for the community. 
•    Achieving the noble cause of education (honoring learner’s autonomy in education)
We presume that the true nobility of education draws from the contentment enjoyed by learners. At Corvus learners are provided with enough choice to decide what to learn, how to learn, when to learn and who should tutor them according to their linguistic, cultural and social preferences.

•    Creating the largest non-profit and volunteer network for Corvus social cause
We believe in moving closer towards these social causes as a single community of helping hands. NGOs and volunteers working for a better and equal     tomorrow can join us to inspire and change lives. This makes us the largest field for social workers from multiple ethnic, cultural, and linguistic origins.

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