Corvus As A Platform

Corvus emerges as an organic idea turned to a platform aiding transformation of knowledge dissemination in the new age. We are keen to create a perfect space that can effectively signify and address the existing inefficiencies in the field of learning and skill development while also suggesting a creative and pragmatic solution for a better and equal future. This has to begin with setting up an inclusive and constructive platform for all the members of real-world learning mechanism and allow them to showcase their remarkable contributions.

As a learning platform, we accommodate a herd of stakeholders of various scale ranging from learners, teachers and parents to massively incorporated ecosystems like IoT, skill sharing, Fitness and wellness and counting, which orbits its mechanism.


Corvus methodically links them together to form a global network that redefines the ways of acquiring education and learning process. We introduce a novel approach that utilizes its potentials and incorporates the needs of all the parties in the ecosystem, equipping them to smartly embrace the new world with a better, augmented humanity. Employing the possibilities of online interactive technologies and diverse resources from across the globe, we provide learners maximum autonomy in availing of services as per their requirements and convenience. Our regional offline offices will supplement the global online network to enhance the accessibility of services. The ecosystem thus wires online and offline of the entire globe in one platform and thus creating a perfect balance between the digital and physical world.


Stakeholders can be parties in the network who directly and indirectly involves through various windows. It comprises of enormous entities like learners, mentors, counsellors, parents, service providers and NGOs etc., a few to number. Stakeholders of various kinds together form the learning ecosystem. Corvus provides the platform and technology to connect them across the globe.


Learners form the crux of this ecosystem, where rest of the elements revolve around it. Unlike any of the precedent LMS models, here the benefactors will enjoy complete autonomy in each service they find, with refined best experts leading the leagues.


We integrate thousands of teachers from different linguistic, cultural, religious, caste, ethnic and gender backgrounds. Differently-abled teachers form a significant share of the total number of teachers we induct. Learners can choose teachers from this diverse pool as per their needs and convenience.


A handful of statistics shows students and professionals globally engaging in distinct fields are confronting an aggravated lack of counsellors and are in dire need of the same. Corvus can boast of best psychologists ranging from clinical psychology to cognitive psychology unrelentingly focusing on each individual to attend and assist anytime.


Real-time instructors with experience in galore can elevate the trajectory of one’s career to incredible heights. A long-term commitment to uplift talents with experience and expertise undertook by the esteemed coaches across borders and cultures.


Mentors are an upgrade of coaches, a pioneering expert who completely involves in ideation to decision making after closely watching the student. A long process is committed to carry out the disciple’s passion to the peak with robust models and methods.


Parents who assist learners can monitor and assess the progress of their pupils. They can submit feedback and suggestions to improve teaching and other services. Parents play an important role in the community with their productive engagement.

Educational Product Vendors

Vendors that provide various educational products required in each field of learning. This includes a wide range of products from stationery materials to online flipped classes and materials.

Educational Service Providers

Providers of services like curriculum design, professional development, student assessment, human resource management, financial and operational management, etc. 


All types of education institutions onboard Corvus can offer online courses, programs, seminars and more to the students across the world. The growing possibilities of international education will be further enhanced on Corvus. 

Educational NGOs

The community of stakeholders is a huge repository of human resources. These resources which mainly comprises of learners across the globe can be utilized by educational NGOs. The data analytics would further make this easier by filtering the resource according to their requirements. The learners in turn get an opportunity to connect with NGOs for internships and jobs.

Educational Publications and Media

Although thousands of university journals and millions of articles are published every year, it is very difficult to access them through a single online platform. Documentaries, interviews, radio shows, podcasts or any informative videos and texts can be published on Corvus.

What We Offer

We provide technical, commercial, and academic opportunities to access a wide range of multi-faceted services that are constantly updated on par with the latest advancements in each area. Corvus offers the platform where technology, business, and academics function in synergy to yield maximum benefit for all the stakeholders in these three areas. 


Artificial intelligence system and software that manage, monitor, and analyze the various aspects of the teaching-learning process. The AI system administers comprehensive progress and quality assessment of services. 

Specially crafted software dealing with all aspects of learning management like documentation, deployment of online courses, administration etc.

2) E-Commerce
An entire sector of Corvus website is dedicated to the commerce of learning services and products. 

3) Data Analytics
The mechanism that allows to functions in the form of raw data which helps to analyze the audience engagements on multiple levels 

4) Content creation tools
Various tools that helps to create impeccable videos, lectures, presentations and more for teachers, coaches, mentors etc. 

5) Quality assessments of the teaching-learning process
Using different rating, feedback and analytical mechanisms, Corvus provides the technology to ensure top quality educational processes. 
The interaction between teachers and learners, the pace and style of teaching, progress achieved by the learners, and the technical aspects of the teaching-learning process are keenly monitored and regularly assessed to maintain hassle-free communication and to bring out the best results.


Each field of learning requires various learning properties. This creates business opportunities in areas like teaching, tutoring, coaching, mentoring, etc. Corvus serves as a platform where these materials can be easily promoted, sold, and purchased. The large community of stakeholders makes Corvus a platform where products and services can be easily promoted, sold, and purchased. The platform serves as a channel to easily find and connect with the potential buyers of products and services. Transaction in digital commerce of learning inventories becomes much easier through this channel. The global network of the platform creates wide micro-entrepreneurship opportunities and enables the micro-selling of various learning services across the globe. The regional presence of the platform through local offices opens up the possibilities of offline business as well.


A comprehensive learner-centered approach that provides continuous and regular guidance throughout the learning period. Effective and individualized teaching-learning processes enable the learners to meet their exact requirements, keep track of their progress, and obtain the best results.

1) Curriculum monitoring
The system ensures the teaching process is in conformance with the spirit of the curriculum and the level of mastery chosen by the learner.

2) Syllabus coverage
The system ensures the syllabus is keeping up with the scope of the curriculum and is covered by the tutor on time.

3) Ensuring learning mastery
The system ensures the mastery achieved by the learner is following the aims and practical application of particular learning need (E.g., Preparation for competitive exams).

4) Formative and summative assessments
Systematic tests at each unit/level and a final test at the end of the learning period. This helps in tracking the progress made by the learner at each point of learning and improve the learning-teaching process accordingly.

5) Project work
Learners are assigned with project works at regular intervals. Teachers assess and give individual feedback upon the submission of projects. This ensures the effective involvement of learners in the learning process.

6) Compliant/ compatible with learner’s learning need, learning preference, learning style, and learning pace
The customized learning opportunity that accommodates the needs, preferences, style, and pace of learning as required by the learner

7) Individualized- personalized learning possibilities
Personalized learning method for slow learners and learners who need individual attention. This boosts the confidence of such learners not letting them lag behind other learners in the classroom.
8) Adaptive content delivery
Contents customized according to the pace and style of the learner given that the generalization of learnability is basically flawed and outdated. 

9) Large repository of flipped classes
Apart from the interactive classrooms, learners can also access flipped classes and learn at their own pace. Flipped classes on all subjects and topics will be made available for the learners

10) Consequent support of mainstream academic delivery (guidance, counseling, coaching, mentoring)
As per requirements, the learner is further provided with academic support in terms of guidance, counseling, coaching, and mentoring in their career.

11) Maximum learning autonomy
The services provided by the platform are designed in a way to provide learners maximum autonomy in their learning style, pace, and other preferences.

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