Corvus considers itself as a highly inclusive platform with a unique deployment design working at an unprecedented level of planning and efficiency. The growing influence of e-learning platforms with varying objectives on our cognitive habits and behaviors is more real than ever. Here, Corvus presents a vision-driven deployment strategy that ensures the effective distribution of e-learning products to the target audience with utmost precision and efficiency by wiring the world both online and offline. This ambitious project has to be put into a context that is fueled by several factors

“Scenario Super Seven”

The ideation of Corvus as a mega platform hosting e-learning services stimulated by the need for a more informed epoch of humans who are constantly being re-engineered by the rapid changes of our times. Here are the seven scenarios that make Corvus pertinent.

•    Ground breaking technological innovations and rising internet awareness have resulted in an explosion of technological connectivity linking minds across the world in real-time.

•    While versatile content being produced over online platforms as videos, newsletters, blogs, social media engagements, etc., the rate of knowledge creation is exponentially higher than ever.

•    Many skills set that were considered to be advanced has now become so basic and intermediate. In such a highly competitive condition the shelf-time of knowledge keeps slackening and more is always better.

•    As innovations like flip classrooms, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, etc. forms the new normal; the educational segment exhibits wide initiatives in advanced research and innovations.

•    The massive surge of knowledge seekers in Gen Z who are creative and exposed to more advanced educational tools are at the peak of information flow.

•    With the particular policies from governments and massive support from other agencies, start-ups have an ever-growing vibrant ecosystem bringing out new innovations and entrepreneurial spirit in learning industry.

•    Human beings are being replaced by industrial and service robots in fields like logistics, healthcare, military, education, etc. Corvus realizes the inevitable need to augment human capabilities against the evolving robotic hegemony.


Corvus is tremendously motivated by its vision that will have a thumping impact on multiple social domains. The unique deployment model we follow ensures the active involvement of a great number of stakeholders working towards making Corvus a massive productivity hub. The incredible flexibility we present will have groundbreaking effects on the cognitive as well as the business patterns that are being followed to date. The impact of Corvus as an entity is only limited by imagination.

•    Birth of numerous e-learning products and services from the digitally globalizing world towards a de-globalizing need. We foresee the emergence of several customized e-learning products and services sorted according to the characteristics of stakeholders who are dispersed across cultures and customs. This takes care of the global trends in digital accessibility while catering to local preferences.

•    The Triple Billion Impact o    1 Billion Users o    1 Billion Gig Opportunities o    1 Billion Sharing Economy Value

•    The Calling for “Trillion Dollar Strategy Having loaded up numerous multifaceted business activities onto the platform that covers all aspects of education involving micro-entrepreneurship, local partnerships at different levels, huge employment etc., Corvus is estimated to generate a business of trillion dollars.


Well, as an enormous project to be executed at different levels, the deployment strategy of Corvus has to be immaculate enough. For a smooth and speedy onboarding of learners, teachers, mentors, NGOs, educational service providers, local partners, and a virtual e-learning marketplace with millions of products, the organization has to push all the limits and integrate maximum technological sophistications. Here are the endpoints of the deployment strategy.

•    Launching all over the world distinctively involves regional offices in almost all countries. Apart from the virtual existence, Corvus will have local partners in all 193 UN recognized states and 2 observer states across the world. 

•    Participation of 1 billion knowledge service providers of all caste, religious, linguistic, ethnic, gender, racial, cultural and national diversities.

•    The fastest AI driven induction and onboarding process of stakeholders in the history of education deployment system considering the magnitude of the project.

•    The world’s fastest deployment system in education made possible through 1 billion micro-entrepreneurs. 

•    World’s first global robust market place exclusive for e-learning solutions and learning related products and services

•    Adhering to the new age “Data Residency Policy” to protect and preserve the educational behavioral data of each sovereign state

•    Real-time adaptive learning engine empowered with individualized-personalized analytical learning intelligence

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