Learning Autonomy

Since the beginning standardization of education and learning as generic processes, several theories have been put forward to enhance the maximum efficiency of the education system. Despite the dramatic changes brought by these attempts in the area, they have constantly failed to effectively address the idea of learning autonomy. Transgressing the limits of technology, Corvus moves several steps ahead from the existing schemes towards realizing the ultimate autonomy of the learner and hails it as the most unique intervention by us. Well, learning autonomy can be specified as the endless possibilities and choices enjoyed by the learner to keep on exploring the various domains of knowledge while being in the complete authority of one’s personal preferences.

What does an autonomous learner mean?

•    Time Preference and On-demand availability The learner has the resources to chase his or her wildest knowledge interests at any time of the day, regardless of time zones, and find an expert to help through it. Meanwhile, the existing systems and platforms are limited by the creativity and resources to consider these kinds of interests.


•    Curriculum Preference Contrary to the established idea that a learner has to stick to whatever he or she essentially chose to study over their similar interests, for instance, law over music, Corvus presents the opportunity to follow teachers from different disciplines and be a part of learner communities. This has a great positive impact on the learner’s attitude and productivity.


•    Syllabus Preference Learners might often have no interest to study a specific lesson or topic prescribed by the syllabus while that time can productively be utilized to cover a more interesting topic. Corvus overcomes passive learning by considering the learner’s values.


•    Duration While it is quite natural that each individual takes their amount of time to thoroughly study a lesson, there are very limited resources to cater to this need. It was always considered practical to set the duration according to the teacher and not the learner. Corvus tackles this problem by providing options to choose the duration accordingly.


•    Teacher Preferences At Corvus, learners have the complete autonomy to choose their tutors after filtering them down at multiple levels since a major faced by the learners is the inability to choose who teaches them.


•    Budget Preferences Corvus intends to bridge the gap in the education system by providing the opportunity to catch up with their dream course or skill according to their budget preferences. No area of knowledge can be unattainable solely due to the lack of financial resources.

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